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Hello, my name is Giancarlo and live in Italy.
I started taking pictures in the early 80's, with a Mamiya 6 x 4,5 camera, creating the first portraits with black and white film.
In all these years I was shooting portraits, landscapes, architectures, still life, extreme sports, glamour and more.
But my passion remains portraiture and still life.
I like to think of photography as a transposition, transition from a concretely real situation, synthesized and made unique and unreal by the photographer.
Tune in to a place, with a culture, people, different manners and traditions is simply a matter of emotions. There is a flow of vibration between us and the world around, always, at any time, receive and emit vibrations. The reality, as we perceive it, is the sum of what we express and impressions that receive.
So is the journey, because the photography is an endless, fantastic journey.
I hope you enjoy these pictures.
Thanks for visiting.


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